Sharks regular season series


  1. Sopel, 04:08 1st, slap shot from 61ft, from the right point. Nabokov gives the puck up behind the goal to Hendry, who rolls it back to Sopel. His one-timer beats Nabokov with a double screen in front (Bickell, Boyle). Scored against: 4th line.
  2. Kane, 07:54 2nd, snap shot from 25ft, bottom of the left circle. Long shot by Keith misses the net, the puck is taken in behind by Toews. Kane beats his checker (Setoguchi) and takes Toews's backhand feed out in front, beating Nabokov high. Scored against: 1st line.
  3. Madden, 18:41 2nd, wrist shot from 13ft, bottom of the left circle. Ladd's initial shot is saved by Nabokov, who goes down to block the rebound, but the puck squirts loose to a trailing Madden. Scored against: 2nd line.
  4. Seabrook, 00:41 OT, wrist shot from 14ft, at the right hash marks. After some fantastic board work by Toews, Brouwer lifts Murray's stick at the side of the net, allowing Toews to get the puck out in front and backhand a pass to a streaking Seabrook (blown coverage by Thornton). Scored against: 1st line.
  5. Brouwer, SHG 17:45 1st, wrist shot from 40ft, top of the right circle. San Jose PP gets stood up at the blue line, Keith's clearance deflects out to Brouwer in the neutral zone who gets a partial breakaway and wrists his shot past Nabokov.
  6. Hossa, SHG 04:57 2nd, wrist shot from 22ft, between the circles. Good stick by Hossa at the Hawks blue line turns the puck over to Toews, who feeds Hossa on the breakaway.
  7. Sharp, SHG 05:25 2nd, wrist shot from 18ft, below the right circles. Blocked shot by Hjalmarsson leads to Sharp taking the puck through the neutral zone. Demers falls down at center ice, leaving Sharp to race in, deke Nabokov, and finish on a high forehand.
  8. Byfuglien, 10:38 2nd, slap shot from 8ft, at the top of the crease. Slap shot by Barker at the blue line creates a rebound for Buff, who digs the puck out and roofs it. Scored against: 4th line.
  9. Seabrook, 05:19 3rd, slap shot from 61ft, at the right point. Murray's giveaway allows the Hawks to work the puck back to the blue line, where Keith feeds Seabrook for a quick slap shot, which is tipped by a Sharks defender past Nabokov. Scored against: 1st line.
  10. Hossa, 06:19 3rd, slap shot from 21ft, bottom of the left circle. Kane feeds the puck to Sopel at the right point, who doesn't shoot but instead passes to a wide-open Hossa for the hard tap-in. Scored against: 3rd (checking) line.
  11. Madden, 11:38 3rd, wrist shot from 24ft, bottom of the right hash marks. Keith's pass from the neutral zone deflects behind the Sharks defenders, Madden latches onto the puck and gets off a free shot at Greiss. Scored against: 1st line.
  12. Kane, 04:10 3rd, backhand from 20ft, at the top of the crease. Hossa with a takeaway along the boards, and he feeds Kane out front, who puts his own rebound in on the backhand. Scored against: 2nd line.
  13. Hossa, 18:09 3rd, wrist shot from 15ft, along the goal line to the right of the net. Hawks pass the puck around on a 4-on-4/empty net situation, Kane from the right circle sends the puck down to Hossa, who puts it past Nabokov from a tight angle.
  14. Byfuglien, 05:02 1st, slap shot from 39ft, between the circles. Kane holds the puck at the half boards, then feeds Buff with a pass right in his wheelhouse for a one-timer (blown coverage). Scored against: 4th line.
  15. Brouwer, 05:50 1st, wrist shot from 24ft, left circle. Giveaway by Thornton in the neutral zone deflects off Keith's stick to Toews, who hits Brouwer with a quick pass over the Sharks blue line. Brouwer gets the shot off before the defender can close in. Scored against: 1st line.
  16. Ladd, 08:23 1st, wrist shot from 12ft, top of the crease. Sharp wins an offensive-zone faceoff, Hossa gets a quick shot toward the net. Nabokov gives up a rebound to Sharp, who finds Ladd in behind Blake for an easy tap-in. Scored against: 2nd line.
  17. Brouwer, 01:37 OT, wrist shot from 33ft, in between the circles. Hjarmalsson taps the puck out of the defensive zone to Brouwer, who drives into the zone with Versteeg going to the net. A quick fake gets Demers to go down and Brouwer uses the screen in front to put his long wrister past Nabokov. Scored against: 1st line.


  1. Heatley, 15:01 1st, wrist shot from 37ft, top of the right circle. Keith fails to clear the puck out of the zone. Demers intercepts at the blue line, sends it down to Thornton, who finds Heatley open for the hard snap shot. Scored against: 2nd line.
  2. Demers, PPG 01:14 2nd, wrist shot from 35 ft, just inside the left circle. Thornton's attempted pass is deflected by Keith's stick right to Demers, who puts it past Huet blocker-side.
  3. Marleau, 01:59 2nd, wrist shot from 11ft, left edge of the crease. Joslin sends the puck behind the net, where Pavleski feeds Marleau out front in between the circles. He whiffs on his first attempt and Huet gets a pad on it, but Marleau puts the rebound in (blown coverage by Toews). Scored against: 1st line.
  4. Boyle, PPG 16:17 3rd, slap shot from 39ft, top left circle. Give-and-go between Thornton and Heatley results in a backhand pass by Thornton to Boyle, whose one-timer beats Huet.
  5. Pavelski, 17:50 3rd, wrist shot from 27ft, left faceoff dot. Keep-in at the blue line by Huskins forces the puck down to Clowe, who quickly feeds Pavelski for the quick wrist shot. Scored against: 1st line.
  6. Heatley, 03:18 1st, wrist shot from 19ft, left side of the crease. Versteeg loses his stick in the offensive zone, creating an odd-man rush for the Sharks. Boyle takes the puck into the Hawks zone, pulls up at the blue line, and finds Heatley alone at the bottom of the circle. Scored against: 1st line.
  7. Thornton, SHG 05:10 2nd, wrist shot from 23ft, top of the crease. Versteeg with a terrible giveaway in the neutral zone, Pavelski leads a 2-on-1 the other way, his pass eludes a diving Seabrook and feeds Thornton alone in front.
  8. Demers, 04:30 3rd, snap shot from 26ft, between the circles. Long pass from the Sharks zone finds Thornton at the Hawks blue line. His pass frees Demers streaking down the middle of the ice for a quick snap shot past Huet. Scored against: 1st line.
  9. Pavelski, 11:52 2nd, wrist shot from 8ft, top of the crease. Marleau gets the puck in transition and holds up at the Hawks blue line, Pavelski goes to the net and receives Marleau's pass with only Huet to beat (Keith blown coverage). Scored against: 2nd line mid-change.
  10. Pavelski, PPG 17:40 2nd, slap shot from 60ft, between the circles at the blue line. One-timer set up by Demers, with Heatley screening in front.
  11. Malhotra, 04:56 3rd, tip-in from 15ft, top of the crease. Pavelski fans on Setoguchi's feed from behind the Hawks net, the puck ends up back at the point with Blake, whose slapper is tipped by Malhotra out in front.